Successful investments are about more than money. They’re about trust, foresight and commitment. When you invest right, you get more than just profit – you get peace of mind. The Absolute ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a great way to start your venture. The following are five key benefits of investing in an Absolute ISA:


You’ll save on paying tax


The Absolute ISA, like any other individual savings account, is best known for its tax benefits. Whether your investments go up in value or make income, you will not need to pay tax. Saving on tax gives you higher returns since any dividend or interest you receive is paid gross. This grows your investment, especially if you reinvest this money.


It’s flexible and has a high return


The Absolute ISA is also flexible since you can opt for an early redemption of your money after two years without incurring any penalties, or you could choose to wait and enjoy a 48% interest on your investment over five years.


The Absolute Individual Savings Account (ISA) also has a relatively high-return interest rate which is fixed at 9.6% per annum – much greater than your typical high-street cash ISA.


Getting started doesn’t need much


You can start investing in your Absolute ISA with £2,000. Starting small allows you to build your investment over time. This money is tax-free and could change your life as you enter into retirement. High net worth investors build their investments even faster.


With the Absolute ISA, you are guaranteed returns as they are generated from loans secured against assets with the interest then paid to our customers.


It simplifies your finances


Since the Absolute ISA is tax-free compared to many other types of savings products, you do not need to declare your investments on your tax return. This means that when everyone is trying to beat the personal tax return deadline, you won’t have to worry, which makes managing your finances even easier.


It’s always wise to seek advice before investing. Choose a dedicated account manager to help you set up and manage your investments. The Absolute ISA is a great way to invest since it gives you a higher level of profit than other standard cash ISAs, yet the same tax bonuses and peace of mind that your investments are fully securitised.