We know that saving money doesn’t need to be a pain here at Absolute ISA. For example, our Innovative Finance ISA returns a massive 9.6% in interest every year, making it easy to invest in your future and build up a considerable sum of money. Getting a start with any sort of savings plan means looking at ways to save money in everyday life for most people, though. That’s why we’ve put together this brief outline of money saving tips to help you towards a wealthier, more secure future.


Top money saving tips for everyday life


Before you make any start on saving money, take the time to look over your finances and fix any problems that already exist. So, if you have any large debts, think about the benefits of transferring them over to a 0% credit card. Bank loans attract huge interest rates, meaning a good portion of your repayments go towards interest, with 0% credit cards you benefit from zero interest for a set amount of time. This gives you chance to repay the debt in full if you’re careful.


Some other tips are to arrange a free overdraft facility, where possible, or even consider switching bank accounts to a provider that pays interest on money sitting in your current account. And, finally, go through all current direct debits and standing orders from your current account, just to ensure you’re not still paying for services or products you don’t need. Get into the habit of checking your bank account on a regular basis, to identify any problem areas at the earliest possibility.


Our top money saving tips include:


– signing up for as many retail loyalty cards as possible. These cards can make a valuable contribution to overall finances throughout the year and can help save money off regular shopping bills


– when you need to make any major purchase take the time to compare prices on price comparison websites. It’s easy to shave money off insurances, appliances and financial services when shop around for the best prices beforehand


– shop around for discount vouchers prior to making any purchase. There are a wide variety of online discounters offering cash off a variety of purchases, ranging from holidays to shopping bills. You can use a promotional voucher code each time you shop, making it easy to save a percentage from most purchases on a regular basis


And, finally, set up a regular budget so you’re always aware of income and expenditure. There are a variety of useful software packages on the market to help with this. Or you could just keep a record of your personal finances in a notebook


You’ll be surprised just how rewarding it can be to take control of your finances. If you’d like to learn more about our ISA investment opportunity, don’t hesitate to get in touch or take time to browse our website today.