In the simplest terms, an ISA is a cash savings account that you will never have to pay tax on. These tax-free accounts pay a set amount of interest over a set period of time. Fixed interest ISAs will often offer a higher rate of return, which will not alter over the fixed term. An Absolute ISA offers you the same positive investment opportunity as a fixed cash ISA, but with a few significant advantages.

You can open a new Absolute ISA using this year’s tax-free allowance of up to £20,000 or, unlike some other providers, you can transfer your funds from your existing ISAs to Absolute. With this option, there is no limit to the amount you can transfer. At a considerably higher returns rate of 9.6% interest paid out quarterly, compared to the average 2%, you will have both a quarterly income and a 48% return on your investment over 5 years. This means that an investment of £20,000 will return £29,600 at the end of 5 years.

Absolute ISA believes that successful investments are about more than money. When you invest right, you also get peace of mind. This is why Absolute ISA only offers asset-backed bonds, which are fully securitised. Absolute specialises in bringing the most promising opportunities to investors, using a rigorous selection process which pinpoints the most dependable opportunities, allowing our investors to reap the benefits. You will also have your own account manager to help you manage your investment, but without any of the management fees you’d otherwise expect.

At Absolute, investors also benefit from the smoothest experience possible, from the initial investment right through to the payout. To this end, Absolute offers the availability of early redemption after Year 2 with none of the penalties you’d normally pay. Absolute understands that circumstances can change, so you’re guaranteed the profit of a two-year investment but you will still have access to your finances before the end of the fixed 5-year period.

Unlike other fixed cash ISA providers, Absolute also guarantees international access to US consumer credit markets that balance generating lower-risk income with higher returns.